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Life Insurance Essentials

What evidence proves that life insurance is worthwhile?

Life insurance has unlimited tactical financial uses. Life Insurance includes cash benefits payouts arising from personal life insurance, disability insurance, group life and group disability insurance; and income from annuity payments, which together have...

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Is Mortgage Life Insurance practical?

  Mortgage insurance is creditor insurance which financial institutions offer to pay off the indebtedness of a mortgage if the mortgagor died during the term of the mortgage.There is another strategy to achieve this using personally owned life insurance...

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When should you review your life insurance planning?

Ask your advisor to do a capital needs analysis You may want to replace the income of the life insured—either you or your spouse. It is easy to calculate the capital needed over any short or long period of time in any situation if the life insured were to...

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How much life insurance should I purchase?

Determining, how much life insurance is necessary for your family’s financial security will require an objective viewpoint as you assess the following: Evaluate the death benefit that you need. Your advisor can assess the death benefit you need, by using...

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Can insurance protect my financial security if I have a Critical Illness?

Our provincial health plans do not allocate funds to help patients who face a critical illness recover financially. They are established, not to build or replace wealth, but to provide basic health care. If you have no money, these plans would pay you only...

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