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8 mistakes not to make in your estate plan

What is estate planning? The nature and extent of the rights to asset ownership with respect to land, property, and financial assets and/or life insurance benefits can be given over to heirs using documents referred to as the Last Will and Testament, drawn...

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Life insurance to protect heirs from debt

The expansion in the growth of using credit is partially due to lower interest rates. The paradox is that low-interest rates lessen the interest payments to reduce debt while at the same time motivate people to assume much more debt. Beware of little expenses;...

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Considerations when designing an Estate

Estate planning is a process that allows one to determine how their assets will be distributed upon death.  As we prepare to pass our lifetime assets to our heirs, there are key components of an estate plan that should be given careful consideration. The fundamental...

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What insurance planning fits a good Estate Plan?

What are the key insurance components of an Estate Plan? An estate plan is a singular categorical part within organized financial strategies aimed at achieving financial independence. Life insurance, disability insurance (group or personal), critical illness...

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